We prove, there are no problems

The best pricing—„the best kind of profit is the kind that is earned as a result of frugality”. We have specialized in cargo shipping in a specific geographic locality, earned reliable partners and formed a very effective cargo transportation system, in order to offer you the best pricing for both cargo and small package shipping.


Security—„The road well traveled is the most reliable” Our goal is long term relationships with our clients. For this reason we make sure that each order is completed in such a way that we exceed your expectations. Our cargo specialists evaluate all your shipment data so that you can make the right decisions in your cargo planning –whether you need climate control, additional insurance against spoilage during shipping or other specific needs.


Professionalism ”Time is money” and not just that. We realize that our attention to detail and professionalism are determining factors and will help you reach your goals. Terra Express specialists and partners will do everything in their power to ensure that nothing will stand in the way of your cargo being delivery on time.


– just solutions!

Flexibility—„ If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed”. We help you find a solution for any situation that may come up—if your job does not align with one of the standard cargo shipping options, we find a custom solution for you.



Our wide network of partners — „The most important goal is to strengthen relationships”. We are proud of our broad network of partners in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. More than 150 partners in these countries comprise our network. Thanks to our reliable partners, we can offer you complete door-to-door cargo service, competitive pricing and secure shipping.


Specialization in a particular geographic region „Depth of knowledge is more important than breadth of knowledge”. We do not try to do everything, instead, we specialize in shipping from one defined geographic region and this in this region we can offer the best pricing and cargo transport service.