Individual shipping and cargo transportations

Use Terra Express groupage cargo transportations to send different types of goods between the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


We will deliver or forward any type of cargo and consignments

We will deliver cargo or a dispatch from/to your indicated location safely, quickly and cost-effectively. We transport:


Personal belongings

Groceries and industrial goods or textiles


Sports equipment: skis, motorcycles, bicycles



How does it work?



Fill in the online application , to find out the cost of your cargo or small package transportation

When filling in the details of the freight we will ask to provide the following information about:

  • the chosen destination, features when approaching the specified address (mountains, camping, old town etc.);
  • cargo weight and sizes (box size or total capacity in cubic meters);
  • contact information of a sender and receiver;
  • other data (driving up features, how big vehicle can approach the specified address, is there a need for a loader’s service etc.)
Fill in the online application

Receive the offer

In twenty-four hours you will get the transportation offer to your indicated e-mail. If you are satisfied with the price, accept the offer. Payment is done till the moment when the consignment is delivered to a recipient.



We will deliver your cargo

By agreement – bring it to us or we will take it according to the specified address. We will deliver your cargo to your chosen destination – quickly and conveniently.



Save your money

Use Terra Express groupage cargo transportations to save your money. Due to the transportation time schedule, we can offer a very beneficial delivery price.


Expect your cargo in time

Groupage cargo transportations are done according to the time schedule. The advantage – severe weather, volcanic ashes, storms at sea or rail workers’ strike cannot delay them.

Be safe

We do all the possible things to avoid any damage to cargo during transportation.

We offer extra service – packaging of your personal belongings for a safe transportation. You can do the packaging as well – it allows you to save up significantly.

Pack your items like you receive packaged goods in a store (for instance, TVs are wrapped in foam rubber and cardboard boxes, tableware is accurately put in boxes so that they are not in contact, groceries are packed in such a way that they do not leak by accident and puddle things around).


Ask Terra Express specialists!

If you are interested in additional information about possible transportation solutions, please contact Terra Express specialists. For more details contact us by phone +371­ 67170070.


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