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Terra Express offers Individual small cargo transportation services to St. Petersburg and Moscow .


We will be happy to deliver your small loads also to / from Austria, Slovenia, Hungary!

Either you need to transport personal belongings (furniture, interior design items and anything else), or business deal cargo, contact Terra Express.



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  1. Complete the order form, indicating all requested information. If you are unclear about anything, or if you have questions as to how to complete the form, please contact Terra Express specialists by calling +371 6 7170070 or by email to info@terraexpress.lv.
  2. After completing the order form, send it to the Terra Express specialists at the email info@terraexpress.lv
  3. You will receive a confirmation from Terra Express that your order has been received.



Take advantage of Terra Express economically priced part-load cargo shipping. Take a look at the Terra Express pricing chart for shipments to and from Italy, Spain, Portugal and France.



We also odder freight consolidation services from the country of shipment origin. Our experience and extensive partner network enables us to pick up shipments from several locations, transport the cargo to a warehouse for storage until the combined shipment is then conveyed to the recipient country. We ensure our customers efficient warehouse services and delivery of the cargo to the end user. Our experience and knowledge will help you through the customs clearance process.



Our partner AAS BALTA offers convenient insurance options for your cargo or small package corresponding to the value of the shipment. We recommend that all shipments be insured, but encourage insurance coverage most for fragile and very valuable goods.



In order to assess the exact cost of shipping your goods, contact the Terra Express Logistics specialist, or complete the on-line form to get a cost estimate.



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