Other services

In addition to standard cargo shipping services we also offer nonstandard cargo, climate-controlled cargo, warehousing and customs clearance services.

Climate controlled cargo shipping services

In order to prevent your cargo from being affected by climactic conditions, for instance, extreme cold or heat that can spoil your cargo, we offer climate-controlled shipping. Climate-controlled shipping ensures you that your cargo will not be affected by temperature-related conditions. We recommend climate-controlled transportation if you are shipping medicines, flowers, cosmetics, paint, frozen foods, fish, chocolate, or other food products and consumables that are easily affected by temperature extremes.

Find out more about climate-controlled shipping!

Nonstandard cargo

Terra Express specialists will help you find solutions to your shipping challenges when you must transport nonstandard items—cargo that is too heavy or large to use standard methods. Contact the Terra Express specialists for more information or fill out the online order form, and our specialists will contact you in order to identify your specific transportation needs.

Warehousing services

We offer warehousing services for storing your cargo pre-shipment as well as warehousing of your cargo in the recipient country. We will store your cargo, taking into consideration specific requirements that have been indicated, including climate-controlled or refrigerated warehousing.

Customs clearance transactions

We specialize in international cargo shipping. Terra Express specialists have extensive experience in customs clearance document transactions and requirements. We recommend that you take advantage of our specialists in order to make your cargo delivery a smooth one.  Contact our specialists.

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