Part-load cargo shipments to/from Norway & Sweden

Individual cargo export shipments to Norway and Sweden

After completing your individual order, we will deliver the cargo to Norway or Sweden to the required address and on time! We offer you to deliver large-size freights in a cost-effective way with a total weight till 24 tons and the volume up to 100 m3.



In order to assess the exact cost of shipping your cargo, contact the Terra Express logistics specialist  or complete the on-line form, to get a cost estimate.


Make an order (download order form)

  1. Complete the order form, indicating all requested information. If you are not sure about anything or have any questions on how to complete the form, please contact Terra Express specialists by calling: +371 67170070 or by e-mail:
  2. After completing the order form, send it to Terra Express specialists to the e-mail: or by fax: +371 6 7170477.
  3. You will receive a confirmation from Terra Express that your order has been received.


Terra Express road cargo shipment to Norway is your opportunity to save on transportation costs, if you need a full or almost full trailer transport solutions.


Individual schedule

We will transport your cargo in your chosen time and date even then, if it needs to be delivered urgently. We will deliver the goods to your specified address in Norway (one or more). You will not have to consider the standard shipment schedule – we will make it individually, exactly as you need! 

Exceptional cases: cargo shipments in winter time are transported in limited area in Norway.


Warehousing services

We offer warehousing services – consolidation, distribution, storage in Latvia before your cargo is delivered to the ultimate consumer. 



Although all cargo shipments are subjected to compulsory CMR insurance, this insurance does not always cover the full value of cargo loss in the case of damage. With our partner AAS BALTA, or in special cases, other insurers, you are able to receive additional insurance to your cargo, according to its value of the shipment.


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