• Consolidated cargo transportation
  • Transportation of cargo of any volume
  • Connecting the southwest of the European Union with the northeast
  • We are your logistics and freight transportation team


Land transportation of full and consolidated cargo​


Our mission is to provide regular, reliable, safe and cost-effective services of consolidated and full-load cargo transportation between

Latvia, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. We offer both economy and express regimes, and we are excellent at

adapting to nonstandard situations.







Terra Express does not offer all cargo transportation! We specialise in a particular region so we are

excellent at it!




Over 10 years of experience has
enabled us to fine-tune our service so
that we can provide you with the absolute best solutions.


Our own car park


We are no intermediaries! Therefore we do not rely on luck but on reliable, precise planning and work.


Extensive partner network


Our network includes over 150 partners to help ensure door-to-door deliveries.


Personal approach


You can think of us as the logistics department of your company. We want to be part of your team, not just your
service provider.





Our goal is





"Our goal is to provide such a service that the goods that the client entrusts us with

do not lose value and bear fruit in the future.  We ensure that the goods do not break or get

damaged, and that they arrive in thedestination at the right time: before the start of the season or

a sales campaign, or theti me agreed on with the end customer. Most of our clients

are businessmen and bu sinesswomen, so our team’s priorities are time, safety
and reliable cooperation. "







With TERRA EXPRESS we have established good and long lasting cooperation since 2008 , we use their groupage transport services for directions Italy / Spain . We are satisfied with our cooperation: the strengths of TERRA EXPRESS lies in operativity, personal approach and the elastic prices.

Dace Iesalniece, EVA-SAT

Several years I live in Italy and I use Terra Express services to send my friends a variety of Italian delicacies. I can always count on the Terra Express team. Besides, I have not yet received a better price offer for shipments from Italy to Latvia.

Ieva Zeltiņa, English teacher in Italy


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