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About us - Terra Express


There are many companies offering cargo transportation services. Many of them are automated, tied to large conglomerates, where people are treated as tiny details that can be easily replaced, while the customer and his cargo is just another number in the system. At Terra Express we appreciate the human factors, personal approach, individual solutions and achieving the promised result!





Our mission


Our mission is to provide regular, reliable, safe and cost-effective consolidated and full cargo transportation to you!






„Our goal is to provide such a service that the goods that the client entrusts us with do not lose value and bear fruit in the future. We ensure that the goods do not break or get damaged, and that they arrive in the destination at the right time: before the start of the season or a sales campaign, or the time agreed on with the end customer. Most of our clients are businessmen and businesswomen, so our team’s priorities are time, safety and reliable cooperation.”






We are proud




Almost a family business


Terra Express is a small, yet very cohesive and powerful cargo transport company with a team of specialists that has remained almost unchanged since 2008 when Terra Express was established.


Specialisation in a certain region


We are specialists in the regions that we represent, and our team members are specialised in particular regions.


Our own car park and team


We depend only on ourselves.
Information about your cargo and its whereabouts is just a phone call away!


Integral part of your company

We depend only on ourselves.
Information about your cargo and its whereabouts is just a phone call away!





Our team


One of the cornerstones of our company!


Our team consists of experience specialists who will do their utmost to help our clients reach the set goal faster,

finding a solution in any situation.





Our team values

Punctuality I Adaptability I Friendliness I Aim and purposefulness






Viola Sjakste

Member of the Board


Viola has been working in the cargo sector for more than 10 years. It is not that Viola looks forward to difficult challenges, but she is very pleased to be able to find solutions in complex
situations, using the expertise, experience, contacts and possibilities of Terra Express. Viola is a very pragmatic person; she will never promise anything that she can not influence or take responsibility for.
Favourite hobbies: handicrafts, sewing and active recreation.


Ilona Treine



Although Ilona’s basic responsibilities at Terra Express do not change, yet every work day is different, as the company offers individual solutions to its clients. In her job Ilona appreciates being able to work together with excellent colleagues and specialists in their own fields. Favourite hobbies: reading and cycling.




Kaspars Auniņš

Logistics Specialist

Responsible for export


Mārtiņš likes dynamic work rhythm, and a positive atmosphere in the team also plays an important role. He emphasises that accuracy, speed and flexibility in freight transport are the most important in finding solutions. Trust your shipments to Mārtiņš, and he will take care of an individual approach and solutions - after all our wide network of partners in Europe, including Italy, provide excellent service. 
Favourite hobbies: football and other sports, both as a participant and an active fan.



Nauris Krikmanis

Logistics Specialist

Responsible for cargo transport from / to Spain, Portugal, France, as well as deliveries in the Baltic states


Nauris ir purposeful and able to adapt quickly to any situation. Nauris believes that cargo sector must include a personalised approach towards the customer and his/ her cargo, which is something that Terra Express provides. After all, cargo transport is often the one element that many factors in the client’s business, and the economy overall, depend on.
Favourite hobbies: active recreation (hiking, sports), and basketball.





Our customer feedback


Evelīna Sudraba, VIDEA, Latvia

We have been cooperating with Terra Express since 2013 and recommend it as a reliable partner for transport and logistics due to their

personal approach and rapid response. Terra Express is characterised by high reliability and affordable price level, and by the way,there is also the possibility  of arranging  a cargo at the last minute.



Sandis Timma, SIA FOX MEDIA, Latvia

Really excellent and convenient service, very responsive staff. I shipped cargo from Malaga, Spain to Riga, and the whole process

was smooth and comfortable. I am very pleased, and will definitely use their services again, if needed.

I recommend this company to others!



Claudio Liuzzi, EURO-EXPRESS S.R.L., Italy

I have a long-lasting positive experience with Terra Express, a professional transport manager that is easy to work with and

will deliver anything anywhere. I like to work with companies and people who love what they do, and I like to work with

companies and people who love what they do, and Terra Express is precisely such acompany.

I recommend Terra Express as a reliable logistics partner.



Mārtiņs Ošenieks, A/S UPB, logistics specialist, Latvia

So far, working with Terra Express, we have not faced anything that could not be solved. For us it is important to see super fast

exchange of information, professional attitude, effective solutions in non-standard situations and an adequate price level.

Terra Express provides exactly that!



Dace Iesalniece, EVA-SAT, Latvia

We have developed a good and lasting cooperation with TERRA EXPRESS since 2008. We transport consolidated
cargo from Italy and Spain. I wouldrecommend cooperating with TERRAEXPRESS to everyone who values


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